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Why do we have to wait til marriage to enjoy a luxury ring? why do we have to pay thousands of dollars to buy ourselves one?

Bellana allows all us independent women to enjoy the same luxury, without the price tag.

I always struggled to find such a high quality ring in stores with the style I wanted, that wasn't a real diamond. Every ring was over $400, and the most boring styles ever, they also turned my finger green. I couldn't find what I wanted, so I created my own.

I hope you love Bellana just as much as I do!

Love, Bellana xxx


Looking to buy a real diamond ring but too scared to commit?

You can test out different styles with our Bellana rings to see what style suits best before you commit to the real thing.

Travelling overseas with your real diamond ring but you're scared?

You can instead wear a Bellana ring on your holiday so you don't risk losing your ring on holiday. Majority of travelers actually wear a 925 sterling silver ring to preserve their real diamond ring and keep it safe at home and avoid paying insurance as it can get expensive.